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Hire Streams accelerates the candidate discovery process, introducing employers and job seekers via video interview profiles.



Showcase your skills and accelerate the hiring process.

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Your own personal interview hype-video!

HireStreams guides candidates through a simple flow to answer the questions employers want to know most, so they can hire quickly and efficiently.

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Video Interview Recordings

Answer pre-set employer interview questions approved by our partners, while on video and guided by our live hiring experts. Our HireStreams tech will edit, produce, and masters the video to optimally present you to employers.

Showcase your Abilities

Review, Approval, and Feature

Once your HireStreams interview video is approved, we will present your profile to employers, while providing real time feedback from insights gained via employer viewing patterns so you can continue to improve and land your next role.

Candidate Discovery & Selection

Employer Matchmaking

Employers discover candidates through qualified and segmented HireStreams interview, selecting and advancing candidates through hiring funnel. Job seekers may also send their profile hiring managers outside of HireStreams platform.

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