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5 Things to Do while Unemployed besides searching and applying to jobs

Searching for a job is tough, do these things in the meantime

While there are more tools than ever to search for a job and it's easier than ever to apply, Candidates are still having a tough time surfacing to the top of the applicant pool to Employers. There are more and more Job Seekers fighting for the same jobs, making it more important than ever for Candidates to find ways to standout when applying, which is one of the main reasons we created HireStreams, allowing Candidates to create Video Resume Profiles to be shared with Employers to showcase their skills, work style, and background.

Searching for a new job can be tough and exhausting, turning into a full time job on its own It's important to not let the job search take over your mind which is easier said that done. Take this time you are searching for you next job to continue to work on yourself and learn skills you can take no matter where you end up next.

Rest and relaxation is important even when unemployed, but don't let that completely take over the time spent not job searching, applying, and interviewing. Instead try one of these 5 things to pass the time and get ready for your next gig.

Gain a new job skill

The most difficult part about starting something new is the "starting" part. Take time to reflect on what is job skill you have wanted to learn but haven't yet.

What is something you saw a colleague doing in a past role you wished you knew how to do?

What skills did you lack that prevented you from a previous role you were interested in?

The internet has brought endless learning and information regardless of your budget. You can get a certificate at University of Washington PCE across disciplines such as Product Management, Engineering, Accounting, Marketing, Business, and many other subjects. General Assembly and Flatiron School offer accelerated bootcamps in subjects like Software Engineering, Product management, and UX/UI Design.

If you can't afford the time or money for a certificate program, you can take a

course in just about any subject on Udemy, who often have discounted prices on courses as low as $10 to learn UX Design, Digital Marketing, or introduction to Software Development.

For the person ambitious enough to piece their education together, there is countless hours of learning on YouTube, by simply searching the skillset or domain you are looking to learn. It may take you some time to gravitate to the YouTubers that speak to you, but you also didn't have to pay anything.

Bring back an old hobby or start a new one

There is the age old saying that "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". While that may sound nice, it is in fact possible. There are many stories of people turning their hobbies into their businesses and if you are currently on the job market, there is not better time to see then now.

Perhaps you used to knit when you were younger, or you enjoy painting or woodworking. Or maybe you like designing and drawing. Do you like to exercise or be outdoors? Doesn't matter what it is, take the time to enjoy it and reflect on what you learn.

Even if you hobby does not turn into a business or a job prospect, you can relate your learnings, dedication, and experience to your new job. It's important to practice your work ethic, habits, and discipline, and there perhaps is no greater way to do so than with a hobby you enjoy.

Start a side hustle

Have you always had an idea you wanted to start, big or small? Maybe you wanted to start a food business or sell your famous cookies. Maybe you want to start buying and reselling products on your own website. You could offer coaching to people in

your line of work or industry. Or anything else you think could generate some cash.

When starting a side hustle it's important to not focus on the money right away. Whether you do something that makes you $10 vs $100 or $1000, its about learning the process and understanding (1) what you enjoy doing and (2) what has the ability to grow.

Sell your things and give away what you don't need

You have a little bit of time on your hands and it might be a good time to declutter. What do you have in your house that you've been meaning to get rid of? What do you have in your house that you could sell? Look on Craigslist or OfferUp and see what is selling. Do you have any of those items in your house you have been meaning to get rid of?

It may be hard to let go of things, but if you are not using it or haven't used it in years, it's probably weighing you down. Take the time to organize your spaces and get rid of the items you don't need or use anymore.

Volunteer for a non-profit or a small business

Non-profits and small business often have many needs but simply lack the funding to get that support. Consider volunteering a few hours or offering to help an organization by providing your domain expertise and applying it to their business needs. Not only will you be supporting an organization who needs it, but you will also continue to refine your own skills and learn new things yourself.

Keep at it. You got this!


HireStreams allows Candidates to create Video Resume Profiles they can share with Employers, leading to the hiring loop faster. Job Seekers are able to showcase their skillsets and talent via pre-recorded videos. Create your Job Seeker account today!

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