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With HireStreams, you are more than a PDF Resume

HireStreams allows Candidates to stand out to Employers, showcasing their talents in recorded video interviews and resumes.

Why Video Resumes?
  • Video interactions are faster, more engaging, higher quality, and literally put a face to a name

  • Candidates are able to showcase their talents and experiences to Employers with a personal touch

  • Candidates can proactively share their HireStreams profile with Employers to stand out in addition to other social profiles

  • Candidates have confidence in knowing more Employers are seeing beyond what's just on paper

Tips on Conducting a Video Interview

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With HireStreams, Candidates enable Employers to streamline the hiring process - applicants can move directly to an interview loop.
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Quick and Automated

Video Interview Recordings

Video record your answers to pre-set employer interview questions approved by our partners.

Need More?

Our HireStreams can edit, produce, and re-master the video to optimally present you to employers.


Showcase your Abilities

Review, Approval, and Feature

Your posted videos get real time feedback from insights on employer viewing patterns so you can continue to improve and land your next role.

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Candidate Discovery & Selection

Employer Matchmaking

Employers discover candidates through access to our video network. HireStreams offers additional sourcing and profile matching features. Candidates can also provide a link to their HireStreams profile in external applications. 

Showcase your skills and accelerate the hiring process

Tired of your PDF resume going nowhere? HireStreams helps you answer the questions employers want to know most.

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Create your HireStreams Account

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Find your next Employee before they even apply

Discover candidates based on video interviews and resumes, sourcing and screening job seekers before they apply.

Young Business Colleagues
Not Sure How to Start?

HireStreams works with industry professionals who offer:

  • Resume writing and optimization

  • LinkedIn profile management, branding and networking

  • Interview Preparation including practice tips, mock interviews, and best practices for video or on-site loops

  • Career Coaching to apply your current skills towards future roles, career planning and development


Ready to accelerate your career? HireStream+ offers:

  • Guided video interview recording with HireStreams Coach

  • Enhanced HireStreams profile and more video storage

  • Customized, individual monthly coaching

  • Resume and LinkedIn reviews and optimization

  • Exclusive Hcontent 

On a Video Call

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