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Resumes & Interviews for the new video-first business world

HireStreams accelerates Candidate screening, sourcing, and hiring through Video Interview and Resume profiles.

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Built and Created inside of

Video has replaced the traditional resume & application

PDF Resumes and long form applications provide limited insight. Video Resumes showcase Candidate's skillsets, expertise, and culture fit.

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Employer Branded pages, messaging, job post, and video

Showcase your company, post and highlight your job openings via video, search Candidate's video resumes, build a following, and more 

Candidate analytics, job post performance, and video insights

Gain rich analytics and previously unavailable insight into applicants, by creating new data points only available via video interaction

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Three Plans to choose from...

  • HireStreams Access (Starting at $29 per month)

  • HireStreams Unlimited (Starting at $500 per month)

  • White Label API & Instance (Lean More)

With HireStreams as your Candidate sourcer and screener, your hiring practices will be optimized and overhead will be minimized.

Pick the pricing plan which works best for your companies hiring needs.

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Young Business Colleagues
Join Coaching Network

Help HireStreams candidates prepare for interviews, improve their resumes, and showcase their skills.

Resumes:​​ Writing, Review, 

LinkedIn: Optimization, Review, Writing


Interview Prep:​ Practice, Tips, Resume Capture, Simulation

Career Coaching: Lessons, Tips, Advancement, Personal Development

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